• DOB: 27/09/90
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Siblings: One sister
  • Relationship Status: In a relationship

The deets.

Hey! And welcome to my little space on the big old web. I’m trying (and quite clearly failing) to create a hub for regular features and blog posts on all areas of ‘lifestyle’.

This space is basically a place where I can assemble all of my thoughts, notes and written work, and hopefully in-turn, interest and inspire you in some way.

This year, I bagged myself a first-class degree in Journalism which covered a whole scope of creative subjects. I’ve found a love and appreciation for design, but at the same time, i’d say that writing is my particular forte. Since then, i’ve moved to the opposite end of the UK, Scotland, where i’ve found myself exploring a whole new sector within the creative industries: marketing.

While it’s especially cold up here and i’m quickly learning that the necessity of a coat is strictly for practical purposes as opposed to fashion, the beautiful new surroundings have given me a whole new lease of life — and hopefully some new content!

I hope you enjoy reading my stuff.