Health & Nutrition

5 Fitness Myths that May Surprise You…

Fitness is hard enough as it is. Whether it’s thinking about getting that bum to the gym, finding the motivation to actually turn up and then still, you’ve got to get the workout done. Misconceptions around fitness make this ordeal even harder and we’re all often left wondering what really is the truth and what is actually a bit off-the-mark. To make your life a little easier, here are a few myth busters that might help you to get the most out of your workout – and some might even surprise you…

Health & Nutrition

The Battle of the ‘Superfoods’

‘Superfood’ – a term used to elevate a mere everyday food in to celebrity stardom (in the fruit and veg world). The rumour on the health-food circuit is that the avocado is being referred to as a brav-acado, kale’s not-so wilted and more veg-don’t-kale-my-vibe and the humble aubergine is more likened to an Auber-genius.

Fashion & Beauty

What 2018’s Beauty Trends ACTUALLY Look Like…

Just a slick of this’ and a ‘dash’ of that they say. Those magazines that make everything so easy; those beauty editors that have tried almost every trend in the beauty rulebook; those makeup artists who can scrub-up any old Dick ‘n’ Harry… anyway, you get the jist. So after reading my regular dose of fashion mag material, I felt the compelling need to truly test some of these pretty perculiar ‘beauty trends’ that have been lurking around within recent months. My main aim is to reveal whether these so-called ‘trends’ can really be pulled off by the average Josephine.