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I had a HydraFacial and couldn’t BELIEVE the results…

It sounds too good to be a true: a facial that not only promises to visibly improve the look of skin after just a single treatment, but one that deeply cleans; helps improve the look of pigmentation and fine lines and revitalises dry and dehydrated skin. I give you, the Hydrafacial.

Fashion & Beauty

What 2018’s Beauty Trends ACTUALLY Look Like…

Just a slick of this’ and a ‘dash’ of that they say. Those magazines that make everything so easy; those beauty editors that have tried almost every trend in the beauty rulebook; those makeup artists who can scrub-up any old Dick ‘n’ Harry… anyway, you get the jist. So after reading my regular dose of fashion mag material, I felt the compelling need to truly test some of these pretty perculiar ‘beauty trends’ that have been lurking around within recent months. My main aim is to reveal whether these so-called ‘trends’ can really be pulled off by the average Josephine.